The Price is Right, but are You Covered for Certain!

What if my home was robbed, or it burned to the ground, or if a sewer backs up or a sump pump fails and causes our home to flood? How are we covered? What aren’t we covered for? Does our policy have a coverage limit?

Homeowner’s insurance is all about risk. And homes are expensive assets --- that means significant risk. All of your hard-earned wealth and important possessions could be quickly lost through disaster or lawsuits against you.

It’s great to be covered. But more policyholders are being surprised by insurers who refuse claims on home insurance, or have low policies that don’t cover all damages, and we don’t want to see that happen to you.

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While you may not understand the legalese of homeowner’s insurance, we have the expertise. Not only will we find the right insurer with the right coverage for you, we’ll be here to work with you and answer your questions.


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